For a good number of homeowners, having a consistent supply of hot water is not an optional amenity in their home. An irregular supply can make routine tasks such as clearing your sink full of dishes or taking a quick shower much more challenging than they should be. It is important for every homeowner to know how to discern the signs of impending disrepair so they can preempt complete malfunction by seeking the necessary maintenance services from local plumbers. The following is a brief outline of the symptoms of a water heater that is in critical condition. 

Increasingly noisy operation

Not all hot water systems are inaudible. Nonetheless, this does not mean that having your hot water system running means difficulty in having a normal conversation in your home! There are a couple of reasons why your water heater has started to become excessively loud. Firstly, the older the heater is, the higher the likelihood that there are calcified deposits that have collected inside the tank. As the water heats up, the sediment is moved around, causing it to bang against the interior wall of the reservoir. These banging and clanking noises will only become loud as the deposits grow.

The second reason why your water heater will develop noisy operation is if the body of the tank has started to be affected by expansion and contraction. The rapidly changing temperatures can eventually cause cracks in the body of the reservoir, so it is important to carry out routine inspections to detect any structural damage.

Irregular availability of hot water

If you start to notice that your hot water supply has steadily become undependable, you should call a plumbing professional to inspect your water heater. Some homeowners may ignore this symptom as it manifests in disparate ways, so you may assume that you do not have a critical problem on your hands. For instance, if you find that the water is warm from time to time, this is a sign of irregular hot water supply. On the other hand, if the hot water is running out at a faster rate than before, it could also mean your heater is not receiving adequate water supply.

Irregular availability of hot water could develop due to several causes. For instance, mineral sediment may have started to coat the heating element, which would significantly decrease its efficiency. Conversely, the element may have malfunctioned and requires immediate replacement to restore your hot water supply.