Pool pumps are essential motivators for recirculating the swimming water. In simple terms, these components are designed to force water to flow through the filters and back into the pool. Without a reliable pump, the health of the swimming pool will be compromised. Therefore, you must install an effective pumping device in your water feature. There are numerous types of pumps in the current market. 

So, if you are looking for a replacement pump for your home, you must consider multiple factors before selection. One of these critical aspects is the pump speed or the speed at which the impeller in the component moves the swimming pool water. Your choice will affect energy consumption, usage flexibility and costs. If you are uncertain about the best match, consider this brief discussion on the different speed options that are common in the swimming pool market. 

Single Speed Pumps

The motor in a single speed pump spins at one setting, depending on the horsepower of the product. Simply speaking, the speed of operation of this type of device cannot be increased or decreased. This pump has a simple design, so the cost of purchase is quite low. However, the long-term operational expenses can be high. A single speed pump operates at the highest setting possible for the motor, even when the pool does not require excessive circulation. Therefore, the energy drawn for its function is high. 

Dual Speed Pumps

The dual speed pump is designed to provide more flexibility than the single speed alternative. This type of device has a motor with two settings: high and low. These options will allow you to run the impeller at different speeds, depending on the immediate needs. The high setting will be at the same level as the single speed pump. This level is suitable for use when heavy recirculation is required like during summer days. The lower setting reduces the motor speed, allowing the impeller to run at low rates. This option is beneficial for use when the pool is not experiencing heavy usage. You can make significant power savings.

Variable Speed Pump

The variable speed pump has become popular as more homeowners learn the importance of energy efficient devices. This type of product does not use a simple induction motor like the abovementioned alternatives. Instead, this pump uses a permanent magnetic motor similar to the one used in electric cars. Therefore, the speed can be digitally controlled for any operational speed. While this choice is expensive, you will enjoy long-term energy efficiency.