Homeowners typically do not go around thinking they need to replace their plumbing as they assume the piping and hardware should last for years to come. Although your plumbing is one of the resilient systems in your residence, it is not immune to acquiring damage over time. The likelihood of this damage is especially high if you moved into an older home rather than constructing your residence from scratch. Therefore, homeowners are advised to know the symptoms of plumbing that is heading toward disrepair so that they can avoid having a severe plumbing emergency such as burst pipes on their hands that would lead to property loss and extensive water damage. So what are the glaring signs of plumbing that is past its shelf life?

Your taps produce discoloured water

The first telltale sign of old plumbing is water discolouration. This discolouration typically stems from corrosion within the pipes, as the water will be collecting the iron deposits as it flows through the plumbing. In the beginning, you may assume that water discolouration is a minor problem. But this would be a misconception as left untreated, the plumbing suffers from further corrosion.

Not to mention that you and your loved ones would be ingesting tainted water and this can lead to health problems down the road. You should call a plumber to come and discern the extent of the corrosion so that they can determine if your entire plumbing system requires PVC pipe replacement.

Your water pressure is extremely low

Considering that low water pressure is a common problem experienced in households, it is easy to simply shrug it off under the assumption that a plunger will solve the issue for you. If the low water pressure is happening in isolated placed such as the kitchen sink, chances are then it is minor clogs causing the problem. However, if the low pressure is affecting your entire household, the underlying problem could be as severe as a compromised plumbing system.

One of the reasons why you could be experiencing this decreased water pressure is multiple leaks in your plumbing, which would mean water is accumulating somewhere in your structure. Emergency plumbing services would be crucial to prevent an array of problems such as mould, foundation damage, drywall damage and more. If numerous parts of your plumbing are affected, it would be best to resort to complete plumbing replacement, as this would be a reliable indicator that your plunging hardware has lost its structural integrity.