Choosing a water heater that matches your usage expectations while saves on energy costs at the same time can be rather confusing. With no knowledge of what type to buy, you are likely to pick a water heater that might be frustrating to use because of high operation costs. 

Below are a few key considerations you need to make before settling on a particular type of water heater:

Energy source, availability, and cost of the hot water system.

Hot water systems can be powered by electricity, gas or solar energy. Before making a purchase decision, it is important to take note of the energy consumption required by the system and if its available and cost efficient. Water heater systems that require higher energy to operate might prove to be expensive in the long term. For example, an electrically heated tank might be cheap in installation costs but the most expensive to run. Natural gas might be a relatively cheaper energy source if you're connected to the gas supply. A solar powered hot water system (consisting of solar collector panels) would be the cheapest energy source as it is entirely free of charge, but it will depend on availability of sunlight. However, it might be inefficient on days when there is little sunlight.

Choosing between a hot water system with a tank and the continuous flow type.

Depending on the amount of hot water you need for your household, you will have to make a choice between a hot water system with a tank and the continuous flow type. Storage tanks may come handy when you require a large quantity of hot water for various uses while continuous flow only provides hot water remotely when needed, e.g. hot water for bathroom use.

Capacity of the water heater.

The size of the hot water system you need depends on your hot water needs in your household. It is imperative to know that a good sized water heater should be able to serve your household's hot water demands while at the same time operating efficiently. To get the right size for your home you should consult with the supplier on how many litres/gallons of hot water you require based on the estimated household usage.

Brand selection.

This is how well previous users identify reliability with different hot water systems brands. It is important to undertake a reliability survey to determine which brands market original products that are durable and give maximum satisfaction to its users.

Before picking a particular hot water system, it is important that you research on different types of water heaters available on the market. This way, you'll be able to know what type of the system will satisfy your hot water demands while at the same time keeping operating costs down.

For more information, contact a local plumber.