A hot water system is a great addition to many of today's households, which have a significant demand for hot water. Just like other systems, hot water systems require routine maintenance. It is vital to perform routine inspections to your water system so as to identify issues about to occur and take necessary preventive maintenance. This will help ensure your hot water system lasts long while providing you with the hot water you need. Failure to have a preventative maintenance program for your hot water system may result in expensive repairs or even early replacement of the appliance. 

One of the most common issues with hot water systems is 'no hot water supply.' Below are some basic troubleshooting tips to help you fix the issue yourself: 

Fixing gas-powered water heaters

Firstly, you need to ensure the control knob used light the pilot is set to the 'Off' position. If the pilot doesn't remain lit, the gas inlet valve could be partially or totally clogged. Turn off the valve, inspect it for any blockages and clean it properly if need be. Relight the pilot. If it still doesn't light, you most likely have a defective thermocouple. 

Or, you might have to replace your burner's cover and regulate the thermostat, and then turn on the hot water faucet and see if the water burner ignites. If the burner ignites, consider replacing the cover and setting the thermostat back to its normal setting. If the burner fails to ignite, then you have a defective thermostat. You will, therefore, need to contact a gas utility company or an expert on water heaters to replace the defective thermocouple and thermostat. 

It is important to pay attention to any smell when undertaking these repair action. A garlic scent should alert you to gas leakage. Turn off the gas valve control and have the system inspected and repaired before rekindling the pivot light.

Fixing electric hot water systems

Non-functional electric water heaters may result from interruptions with the power supply or issues with the heating element. First, before performing any repairs, turn off the power supply to the heater. Then check for any interruptions with the circuit breaker or blown out fuse. If the problem is the fuse consider replacing it with a new one with similar ratings whereas adjusting the circuit breaker. 

Most electric water heaters fail to function when there are water leakages into the compartment. This may prove costly as you'll require a new hot water system because your heater's thermostat may have been exposed to damage. Ask an expert to inspect it before making a decision to buy a new hot water system.

For 'no hot water' repairs, there are basic DIY steps you can take alone to ensure your hot water system is fully functional again. If you encounter any problems, contact a plumbing expert for professional assistance.