Sewer line clogs are often ignored or unnoticed by homeowners, and they end up causing numerous problems in the property. In general, unresolved main drain blockages in your home will damage the plumbing utility lines. As a result, you will have to deal with costly repairs for complete restoration. Also, the drainage issues can cause contamination of the household by sewage. The exposure of your family to the pollution could cause severe medical conditions. Therefore, you should learn to recognise the presence of clogs in your sewer lines. Here are the typical signs of possible main drainage blockages in residential setups.

Multiple Drains with Clogs

When the main line sewer has a blockage, you will notice that multiple drains in your house are backed up. Typically, minor clogs in the home are localised in a specific area. For example, the kitchen sink might experience drainage problem due to grease build-up. However, the other sections will continue operating as expected. If the kitchen, bathrooms and toilet drains are showing signs of clogging at the same time, the probability of all the problems being unrelated is extremely low. Therefore, you should consult an experienced blocked drain specialist for proper assessment of the main lines.

Unusual Wastewater Flow

You should also take note of abnormal behaviour in the drainage systems. Usually, when a central sewer blockage occurs, the wastewater produced from a plumbing fixture will not be able to drain out of the house. Since there will be no smooth flow of the fluid to the sewers, it will be forced back up the drainage systems. Consequently, you might notice the wastewater being forced up through other drains. For example, when you flush the toilet, some sewage might rise in the bathtub. The sinks and toilets might also overflow when you are using the laundry machine.

Drainage at the Cleanout

If you notice some wastewater in your residential cleanout either standing or draining out, you have a sewer line blockage. The cleanout is a specialised pipe which is connected to the main sewage lines in your property. This feature is designed and installed to help plumbers have quick access to the drain channels. When a blockage occurs, these vertical pipes will provide an escape for the wastewater. The sewer cleanout is often located just outside your house or in the basement. 

Sewer line clogs should be resolved quickly. If you have noticed the abovementioned issues in your household, you should consult an experienced plumber for immediate resolution.