Residential plumbers are the go-to people when you need to have appliances, piping, fittings, fixtures or accessories relating to water supply and drainage systems installed or fixed. Some of these plumbers, called gas fitters, can offer gas fitting service, which involves installation and repair of gas lines and gas appliances. 

Clogging of drains both inside and outside the home is a common plumbing problem. One of the services that many residential plumbers are often called out to provide is clearing of clogs in kitchen sink drains. Blockages of this kind usually arise when people pour or flush down the wrong things, such as cooking oils, fats and grease, into their kitchen sinks. Luckily, residential plumbers can help home owners prevent clogging of kitchen sink drains.

Here's a look at a number of clog-prevention devices that can be installed to keep kitchen sinks drains flowing smoothly and efficiently:

Installation of grease traps: As mentioned above, the presence of cooking grease in kitchen sink drains is one of the major reasons why the drains get clogged up. To help forfend grease clogs, a plumber can install a device known as a grease trap, which will intercept grease before it can flow into the sink drains. This will, in turn, help keep kitchen sink drains flowing smoothly and efficiently for longer.

Installation of garbage disposals: A garbage disposal is another essential appliance that's needed to keep kitchen sink drains flowing properly. It is used to shred soft food scraps that may cause clogging if left to go down the sink drains without being cut to smaller pieces. To keep garbage disposals working well, regular cleanings are required. It is, however, important to keep hard-to-grind foods and objects away from the devices because that could cause damage to the blades. 

Installation of sink strainers: Sink strainers are a staple feature of modern kitchen sinks. Without them, large pieces of food scraps would enter the sink drains unobstructed. A residential plumber can install a sink strainer on kitchen sinks that do not come with the vital device. Since sink strainers are a standard fit, it is easy to find a strainer to fit almost any kitchen sink.

Before allowing a residential plumber to work for you, it is a good idea to get your quote up front. This way, you will know the amount of money you will need to set aside before work begins.