A bathroom renovation can be a substantial job! Renovating or making any changes to the bathroom can be more difficult than you imagine, which is why it's good to ensure you've considered every detail of that job before work begins. Note a few mistakes that some homeowners make when planning a bathroom remodel, so you can manage this project as easily as possible.


If you're renovating the bathroom space, don't overlook the potential need for added electrical outlets. Consider adding more outlets, even one right next to another, near the sink, so you can use all the hairstyling tools you need in the morning without having to constantly unplug one in order to plug in another. You might also add outlets along a far wall, to use for recharging batteries or small electrical devices in the bathroom.

Too many design elements

You may love the look of a claw foot tub, marble vanity benchtop, gold-plated faucet, and other such features, but be careful of adding too many design elements in the space, especially if the bathroom is somewhat smaller. Overly detailed items can make the space seem cluttered and busy, and those elements may easily clash with one another. Instead, choose one outstanding feature in the bathroom, such as an oversized tub or elegant vanity benchtop, and then keep all the other pieces and features more subdued and neutral.

Over-sizing in a small space

Along with having too many design elements, you might try to fit too many oversized elements in the bathroom, and wind up with a cramped and crowded space that is very uncomfortable. Consider the features you want in the bathroom and which ones might need to be scaled back or scaled down for a better fit.

For example, you might want a walk-in shower, but does it need to actually span an entire wall so you can have multiple showerheads, but then wind up with no place for linen storage? You might scale down that shower area so there is room for shelving next to it. The same might be true of a double sink design you've chosen; if it's very long or deep, it might get too close to the toilet, so you have little room to actually use the commode, or to store toilet tissue within easy reach. Scale down your oversized pieces as necessary, so the space is comfortable and not cramped and crowded.