No homeowner wants to come home from work or back from holiday to discover a problem with their plumbing system. Not only is water an incredibly destructive force, but it can also cost a small fortune to get water problems repaired and your home back up and running. Especially during the winter, it is possible for leaves, mud and general dirt to start clogging up pipes and start to cause problems and in the summer months the additional demand for water can bring these problems to a wet reality. Even though Australia might not get down to the freezing temperatures of Europe, it is always handy to know the number of a good plumber.

However, many people only call a plumber when it is too late, without realising that by investing over time with your plumbing service you might be able to reduce potentially expensive problems in the long run. Speak to your local plumber to find out exactly how they can help, and in the meantime, here are four services you could consider starting up.

Post-building work check ins and drain clearance 

If you've had other building work done, it can be easy to forget to call in a plumber to do a check over to make sure that none of the plumbing could have been damaged. A particularly vulnerable area for this is drains, and many people find that, for example a new extension, can put additional and unexpected pressure on your house drainage systems and that is something you definitely do not want to find out about when it is too late. If you have had any sort of building work, ask your plumber to give your house the once over.

Leak detection

Whether it is because of a drop in water pressure or hearing dripping noises through the walls, every homeowner fears a leak. Plumbers have specialised equipment which is able to quickly identify and analyse leaks in your home without needing a builder to rip down the walls. Using a plumber to do a six month pipe check, you can identify a leak before it manifests itself in a damp patch on your ceiling.

Emergency payment plans

Emergency bills can reach thousands of dollars, and is not something you want to get when you are least expecting it. To reduce the long term cost burden of a plumbing job, especially if your insurance only pays out months after or does not cover accidental damage, speak to your plumber to see if they offer a payment plan option to help you buy long term protection and spread the cost.

Hot water services 

Although Australia tends to avoid the cold, no one wants a cold shower in the middle of winter. A good plumber will be able to give your gas system a once over before the cooler weather sets in, so that you can ensure everything is up to scratch before you need to rely on the hot water too much. Do not wait until you are faced with the prospect of a cold shower, get a pre-emptive check to make sure you are ahead of the game.

For more information, contact local hot water services.