Access covers are essential to protect plumbing structures and provide easy access to those structures when needed. Based on your needs, there are several materials you can choose for your access cover. You may want heavy-duty access covers or light ones. Here are the different access cover material options you may have and their features to ease your mind in selection.

Steel Access Covers

In most cases, you will find steel access covers being used due to their strength and ability to handle extreme temperatures. If you know the area you require an access panel will be subjected to high-impacts or high temperatures, this should be your choice. An advantage of steel access covers is that you can make them corrosion-resistant by either having galvanised steel or stainless steel. They will also fit in with many home designs maintaining your home aesthetics.

Aluminium Access Covers

If your area is subjected to extreme conditions of heat, moisture or humidity, aluminium access covers are the way to go. They are moisture, heat and corrosion-resistant, making them very useful. Aluminium access covers are mostly used outdoors but can be used indoors as well. They may be equal in quality with steel access covers in terms of versatility, but they are lighter. At times they are preferred to steel due to their lightweight feature and ease of installation.

Gypsum Access Covers

These covers are made from high-strength glass and a combination of minerals. They can also be made from recycled materials meaning they are environmentally friendly. Due to them being lightweight, you can use them on walls and are most suitable for concealed service covers. You cannot use these type of access covers in areas with high impact/ high traffic. Though lightweight, they are durable and mould and fungus growth-resistant!

Plastic Access Covers

Plastic access covers can be used on walls or ceilings as they are lightweight. They are resistant to fading and corrosion. If your area is subjected to moisture or humidity, plastic access covers may be your option. Do not use it on floors especially if there is high impact or high traffic. A good thing with plastic access covers is that they are cheap and can be modified to fit into the design of your home.

Remember that if you do not like a particular design or material of an access cover, but it suits your needs better, you can always ask if it is customisable. For more information and tips, contact a company like HYDRO CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS today.