Most people do not think about their drains until they are completely blocked and damaged. You can prevent the unhygienic inconveniences that come with blocked drains by paying attention to the warning signs of a blocked drain. Identifying the causes and signs of blocked drains can help you alert the plumber and give them enough time to fix the problem. 

Here are 5 warning signs that your drain is blocked. 

1. Slow Draining

A slow drain is the number one indicator of a problem with the drainage system. The reason a drain flows slowly is that a thick layer of grime and soap has constricted the diameter of the pipe. The number one cause of this constriction is a blockage somewhere in the pipeline. 

2. Gurgling Sound

When you run water down the drain, listen for the sound it makes. If your drain pipe makes an unusual gurgling sound, this is an indicator of a clog. If the drain pipe contains trapped food scraps and other objects, the air is trapped inside along with it. When you add water to the mix by running water, a strange gurgling sound comes from inside the drain. 

3. Drain Flies

These are tiny gnat-like insects that fly around sinks, indicating that grease has accumulated in your pipes and needs cleaning. Their breeding site is in the build-up of grease which has adhered to the walls of the drain pipe. Calling a professional plumber will help restore your pipes to sanitary conditions. 

4. Bad Odour

Bacteria also proliferate in dirty drains. As they grow, the bacteria generate a bad odour associated with the growth of mildew and decomposition. Therefore, if you find that the drain has a rotten egg smell or that of old food, bacteria could be thriving in your drain pipe.

A qualified and skilled plumber can rectify this issue fast and allow your drain pipe to remain fresh and free of odours. 

5. Recurring Clogs

If your drains clog often and you are constantly using a plunger to unclog them only for the problem to reoccur, the drains have a bigger problem that you may not be seeing. If your sink keeps blocking, and your toilet keeps backing up, there could be a bigger problem with your drainage system. 

Contact a plumber after you discover a clog in your drain, and avoid the chance that the problem will escalate.

Blocked drainages can be a massive inconvenience. It can also be very unhygienic for you and your family. Keep an eye out for these warning signs that your drainage could be blocked. If you notice any of them, contact a licensed and experienced plumber to unblock your drain.