The roof is one of the most neglected areas of your home. It's crucial to schedule roof inspections with a reliable roofing company. The roofers will perform a comprehensive assessment of your roof to determine which repairs are urgent. If you're unsure whether you need roofing repair, here are some telltale signs to guide you.

Light In The Attic and Missing or Curling Shingles

If light is coming into your attic, then this is a clear sign that you need roof repairs. Light in your attic when you've switched off the lights means that your roof is missing shingles or has cracks. It would help if you inspected the exterior of your home to determine whether there's any damage to your roof. A few cracks in your roof may not be serious, but if left unattended, it could create serious problems like a leaky roof that causes water damage.

If a few shingles are missing, you can resolve this by replacing them with the leftover shingles from the roof installation. However, the shingles leftover from the roof installation may not match because of the natural weathering of the shingles that are currently installed on your roof. In such cases, you may require a roof replacement.  

Curling shingles are another sign you need roofing repair. If the shingles curl on the edges, leaking is inevitable. You should also watch out for brittle shingles. Curling shingles are susceptible to damage during harsh weather conditions. At the first sign of curling shingles, you should call a roofer to have the issue rectified.

Dark and Water-Logged Shingles

Over time, the shingles on your roof begin to turn dark in colour. This means that water or moisture is absorbed underneath the shingle. Shingles that absorb water can cause damages because water will seep into your home.

When checking the colour of your shingles, bear in mind that not all dark shingles are waterlogged. Some shingles may not show any signs of damage despite having water beneath them. It's advisable to call a roofing professional to inspect the roof's condition. If water-logged shingles are spotted in time, you can save yourself the cost of a roof replacement.


Many roof repairs are based on the condition of the shingles and may end up in roof replacement. Missing shingles, curling shingles, and dark or waterlogged shingles are all telltale signs that you need roof repairs. However, before you jump into any conclusions, schedule a roof inspection to get an accurate analysis of your roof's status.