Every homeowner strives to maintain an efficient and functional home. However, this task is never-ending, particularly when it comes to maintaining and repairing systems like the wastewater drainage system. One of the severe problems you can face is blocked drains. The blockage is usually caused by food particles, mineral build-ups, debris, soap, hair, tree roots, etc.

In most cases, people opt to overlook the problem because they think it will automatically get cleared out. However, it becomes more severe when the problem is ignored and could block the entire drain completely. This causes a series of effects you don't want to deal with. Below are some harmful effects experienced when you do not fix a clogged drain in time.

Awful odour

Blocked drains normally hinder the wastewater from flowing efficiently, so it accumulates in the drainage pipes. Over time, this stagnating water starts to emit an awful smell that is sent back into the house via the pipe, making the home inhabitable.

Also, blockages prevent water from getting into the pipes, and once the pipes dry out, there will be no moisture to absorb the unpleasant smell that's coming from the decomposing waste. This foul odour is released to your home, causing health problems like irritability, anxiety, headaches, and tiredness.

Structural damage

When blocked water flows back into the sink or house, it soaks into the floor, wall, and foundation. This water will not only make your home untidy but also weaken the integrity of your house. In some extreme cases, the water even damages the walls and floors completely. Therefore, it's better to clear out clogs in advance to avoid such types of damages.

Mould growth and attract pests

Most of the insects and pests that infest homes thrive in dark and moist areas. If your drainage pipes have stagnating water, it will create a perfect environment for them to thrive. They will get all the food, water, and shelter they need, and before you know it, they'll multiply immensely. Besides, blocked drains make the home damp because the water will be flowing back. This promotes mould and mildew growth on the floorboards and walls.

Both pests and mould bring health risks and cause structural damage if the problem isn't fixed immediately. For instance, it can cause bacteria growth, leading to allergies, viruses, and diseases among the residents, particularly those with allergies. Contaminated water also leads to skin irritation and inflammation, which can be severe. Reach out to a professional for help with your blocked drains