Opening and managing a restaurant is one of the most rewarding economic ventures. However, the business also comes with its challenges. Plumbing issues are common when you are running a restaurant. You can minimise the amount of time you spend on plumbing repairs by capitalising on proper maintenance. Also, get a professional to help you with the repairs once the problem becomes impossible to manage by yourself. Here are the three most common plumbing issues in restaurants and how to deal with them. 

When Your Toilets Are Backed Up

Restaurant washrooms receive hundreds of visitors in a day. While most people understand the dangers of flushing the wrong things down the toilet, a few might try and force paper, plastic, female sanitary towels and other things that block the flow of water. When a blockage forms inside the pipes, water starts backing up into the building, which can be very damaging to your health and hygiene. The toilets could also backup when the sewer pipes have blockages from roots, preventing the bathroom waste from joining the general city sewerage system. Only a competent plumber can bring in assessment tools, check the condition of your plumbing, and remove the clogs.

When You Grease Traps Stop Working

Restaurants involve a lot of cooking. During the process, the kitchen produces volumes of grease that end up down the drain. If you do not have the right measure to trap the fat and stop it from clogging the pipe network, you might have a plumbing problem in your hands. Similarly, if you do not clean and maintain the grease traps often, you will have serious plumbing issues that could lead to odd smells inside the kitchen and other complications. It is advisable to get a plumber to check your grease traps once a month and ensure they are clean and functional.

When the Drains Have Clogs

Clogs are a menace in the restaurant. They are common because you have so many activities taking place concurrently. Employees can push food down the drain. You can request your employees always to scrape food off the plate before putting the dishes in the sink. You should also flush the drainage and check them for clogs regularly.

A lot of things can go wrong if you allow your restaurant to maintain poor hygiene. It is best to hire a plumber to run regular maintenance on your system. They will also recommend the best ways to deal with any emerging issues for the best results.