Trying to remain an eco-friendly business can be difficult. One of the issues many commercial businesses are having is with reducing energy and water usage. One way you can achieve your water usage goals is to meet with your commercial plumbers. Here are a few ways they can help you and options they can implement that will help reduce your consumption while keeping your business running smoothly.

Water and Plumbing Audit

The first step you should take to help reduce your commercial plumbing water usage is to have your commercial plumbers perform an audit. This audit is done on site and covers all aspects of your water usage and needs. They will view how much water you are using and how much is being wasted. They will determine if the plumbing is causing an issue and needs to be upgraded. They will take the audit and go over your current situation, then determine what changes can be made and how they can be made. They will discuss the goals you have for the current plumbing and water situation as well. 

Cooling Towers

You may not think of cooling towers when you think of your commercial plumbing. The truth is, the amount of water that your commercial building evaporates during various processes can be very high. In fact, this is one of the key areas your commercial plumbers will focus on during the audit. If you are expending a large amount of water in the evaporation process, cooling towers may be installed. These towers can help cool down the steam and vapour and bring the water back into your system. This reduces the amount lost in evaporation and gives you recycled water to use in other processes. 

Plumbing Sensors

Smart sensory and usage of smart products is becoming an acceptable option for many commercial businesses. The plumbing sensors can be attached to current water-efficient fixtures and equipment. These sensors can notify you when there is an issue of lower water usage or higher usage. The sensors can also be connected to smartphones used by your onsite plumbers and maintenance team to monitor flow, possible leaks and issues of heavy water loss and usage. 

When you are ready to move forward with your water conservation and plumbing plans, contact your local commercial plumber organization. They can help you with an onsite audit and with options for your goals. They can also answer questions you have about your current system and making the transition to the eco-friendly water conservation options you choose.